Our historical and loyal partnership with the medical community has enabled us to evolve our surface treatment technics in various materials and also our machine parc. So we are able to meet this sector’s standards that demand irreproachable quality. Technologies Polishing, buffing, passivation, corundum blasting, microballing, laser etching, on stainless steel , titanium, cobalt chromium [...]

Aeronautic / space

Our knowledge from the medical activity with the treatment of titanium hip protheses, stainless steel and cobalt chromium enables us to meet the demanding specifications in the field of surface treatment of metals for aeronautic and space industries. We have been working with various aeronautically groups and their subcontractors for many years from the most [...]

Food and agriculture industry

We work with agriculture and food industry on specific parts that require perfect clenliness because of direct contact with food. In Thiers, we work with manufacturers of all type of professional blades and in France with various companies from the agriculture and food industry. Technology Polishing, buffing, passivation, microballing, caroussel polishing, laser etching, tribo finishing [...]

Chemistry / petrochemical and nuclear industry

We work with welding, assembling, machining, industrial maintenance companies and big chemical groups from the petrochemical and nuclear industry from single parts, to medium and large series. Main technics Polishing, buffing. The target required by these companies is to improve the surface condition because of the solids and liquids that are used in their piping [...]