GORCE, specialist in high precision industrial polishing

The number of people in GORCE SAS and at the same time, working with the standards ISO 9001 and 13485, enables us to answer requirements with very high flexibility in terms of lead time, technicality, and capacity (from the unique part to medium or large series).

Our expertise

ASTM A967 Medical Passivation

Our company also does passivation process on request. This process consists in removing a part of the iron layer from the surface of the metal part and so it creates a thin protective oxide barrier. By doing so, this leads to a long-life span of protection against corrosion.  This method is mandatory for all metals [...]

Electrolytic Polishing: Medical Stainless Steel

We offer several technics several technics to improve medical stainless steel so that it answers to all medical standards in application in the surgical and medical sector. Among these technics, electrolytic polishing is one of the most efficient in protecting the part against corrosion.  Discover the results of this technic and other processes that we [...]


Polishing is a finishing process of parts in all types of material (metal, plastic, wood) with the objective of obtaining a beautiful aspect with a high quality surface finish. Manual polishing Polishing is a finishing process of parts in all types of material (metal, plastic, wood) with the objective of obtaining a beautiful aspect with [...]


Tribofinishing is a technique which enables deburring, polishing and to give a gloss finish. It is specially recommended for medium and large series, and also for small and medium size parts. The principal A vibrator tank in which the parts are mixed with abrasives and different additives according to the desired finish. Equipement Gorce SAS [...]

Laser Etching

Gorce SAS has a laser etching machine which enables them to carry out etching on small and medium series for small and medium size parts. The principal The surface of the part is heated by laser and blackened. This technique assures traceability and identification of the parts Equipement Our machine enables us to etch very [...]


Passivation enables an efficient slowing down process of corrosion of the parts and can be carried out of all types of metal. The principal Is to dip the parts in acid for a precise period of time and then to rinse generously. Equipement Gorce SAS is equipped with a specially dedicated room for passivation, with [...]

Sand blasting

Sand blasting enables us to strip, remove polish, de-oxidise, giving a roughness, smoothness and to prepare the surface before painting. The term sanding comes from the fact that originally sand was used as an abrasive. The principal Sanding is an industrial cleaning technique for surfaces by using a high speed projected abrasive on the material. [...]


According to the sector of activity, cleaning must be carried out to the customer’s requirements. For the medical sectors for example, we must return the parts extremely clean. The principal The parts are dipped in different tanks for a certain length of time which cleans them completely and removes any trace of polishing paste. Equipement [...]

Our business sector


Our historical and loyal partnership with the medical community has enabled us to evolve our surface treatment technics in various materials and also our machine parc. So we are able to meet this sector’s standards that demand irreproachable quality. Technologies Polishing, buffing, passivation, corundum blasting, microballing, laser etching, on stainless steel , titanium, cobalt chromium [...]

Aeronautic / space

Our knowledge from the medical activity with the treatment of titanium hip protheses, stainless steel and cobalt chromium enables us to meet the demanding specifications in the field of surface treatment of metals for aeronautic and space industries. We have been working with various aeronautically groups and their subcontractors for many years from the most [...]

Food and agriculture industry

We work with agriculture and food industry on specific parts that require perfect clenliness because of direct contact with food. In Thiers, we work with manufacturers of all type of professional blades and in France with various companies from the agriculture and food industry. Technology Polishing, buffing, passivation, microballing, caroussel polishing, laser etching, tribo finishing [...]

Chemistry / petrochemical and nuclear industry

We work with welding, assembling, machining, industrial maintenance companies and big chemical groups from the petrochemical and nuclear industry from single parts, to medium and large series. Main technics Polishing, buffing. The target required by these companies is to improve the surface condition because of the solids and liquids that are used in their piping [...]